Today Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley discuss the importance of understanding the roles authors and editors agree to when working together.

What should you expect from an editor? How should you treat authors? What about deadlines? Is the editor always right?

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The list:


I am a professional. I will always treat authors with respect and never use insults, derogatory comments, or belittling words in my communication. I understand the importance of deadlines and will create a realistic schedule to always make deadline.


I am a partner. My job is to assist them in creating the best possible story. In order to do this I will continue to educate myself to be an authority.


I am an educator. I will make myself available to the authors I work with in order to explain my edits so that authors can learn from past mistakes.


I am honest. I will be honest with those I work. I will let the author know what stage of editing they are at, and if they need to work more before having it edited.




I am a professional. I understand that working with an editor is a partnership. I will take the time to carefully examine each edit thoroughly, even ones I do not agree with. I will do this because I recognize I am close to my work and it may require an outside look in order to create my best possible story.


I am street smart. I will not allow myself to be taken advantage of and will be wary of working with any editor that I cannot speak directly with.


I am committed to my story. I will find the right editor who I can trust, who understands my vision, and who will work with me to create the best possible story. I also understand that in the end each decision is mine to make and my responsibility to assume.


I am strong. I will never be frightened of working with an editor. I will not allow any editor to bully me. The partnership between editor and author should be one based on mutual respect. If that respect is not there I owe it to myself to find another editor.

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