What is proofreading? How is proofreading different than line editing? How can you use proofreading to improve your own work? Does software exist that works?
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley will answer these questions and more on this episode of the Book Editor Show.



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Is L we are giving you some great proofreading skills to self Clark Chamberlain is said that he wants to an angry horde a while bedrooms with only the fortitude of his words and the sweetness of his voice is my friend goes Peter to repeat or are you doing today as it was in with my blown out face of the original agreement the serious lighting is going on in the really. I’ve done pretty well you know and got a couple of big projects that the that I just landed I’m over this past week which I’m just really excited for on something that I can talk about yet but the really good stuff is a tease for it’ll come down the pipeline eventually was awesome to open the show the major you gotta keep coming back week after week and I’ll be good it will be definitely be really good so I’ll call it project and today after you do this an hour later I have some shooting a testimonial video for Danny and his audience builder master class so you are sending we did this interview this last December on just over Skype and then they set up for videographers coming out of the office today actually shoot the thing professional so they can use it in the promotional stuff is arriving at school and Clark Chamberlain and if you didn’t know this listeners that’s where. I met and that if it hadn’t been for that class none of this would be happening so you’re welcome to the testimonial writer right to your folks like us are you finishing up with the classes right now you yeah so time not open crazy my work for solo the next week but then just bless and writing goodness for the next few months after that so does the myriad on excited and then you back to your lifestyle of going to the beach on someone else some exotic place to do some writing he always visits know it’s no be drowned so I fly somewhere for pretty for good deeds while you are excited for you to get back to writing full-time some pretty sure we just had so much hope here in England anyway is what is going to go I left it my son Riley yesterday so it’s it’s finally started to warm up and he was complaining how hot it was outside and is like when I get home and take my shirt off around the house so hard, my goodness the legal boy so today though I am excited we get into talking about proofreading and this is this is some great stuff especially if you’re been trying to do a lot of self editing and self editing is deftly important as I can save you some money when you get to the editing process and working with an editor but I just want to clarify that that self editing is not a replacement for good partnership with an editor who can be there to help you along with seeing story problems and helping you build the best possible so I wanted just to talk first about what proofreading is and how it’s different than editing some on. Do you proofread all your work you of work right now for your classes like writing assignments yeah I mean you just have to minutes especially if you’re coming in to make sense always is submitted for mocking overview by someone else and go if you writing just the stuff in the Senate when I thought basically someone else to be looking out at someone’s going to be when you told also building a relationship that it has been when his interest in the site even if you send and often editor proofreading’s and Paulsons industry because then you saw of you build your professional image you know.final polishes is really part of the professional professional approach to your work exactly and so proofreading is important for when you’re sending it to the other and of course are going to proofread it again on even hiring someone to proofread it at the end because this is Seo proofread is the final step before you want to go to print as you want to catch any of those little tiny things that are left in the slides different than line editing because even your line editor can get in there and go through and find stuff they might miss things still and so this is the time to really read every single word and making sure that everything is perfect before you get it in so to two types of proofreading or talk about proofreading it will do for self editing and proofreading Mitchell do at the and right before publication so let’s get a different split between what editing is and proofreading so let’s jump into this right now on the market of course is using a program like words I hear your 70 get your spellcheck their on but there are a couple other software’s out there that I can help with the proofreading and spotting errors right up front we want to talk about those just a little bit on first is Graham really is you had some opportunity use this program yes on the amazing thing about this is that there’s a plug-in for Safari is levelheaded and integrates and just makes it easier to access the house Milo but yet I must is a great program like just copy and paste functionality basically you know just as well ride in the on off to go this is this is like spellcheck on steroids this is not spellcheck units is looking for for so much more in their and I think it is good that he said you know that you can plug in I tested it last year so he might’ve actually made improvement sense but I was able to attach it to my Gmail account so that the has always going to my Gmail writing emails to people it would all of a sudden my point all these little tiny errors that make it so it’s very cool to know the down blessing, don’t say it really is a powerful and powerful program yeah exactly and I know that one day one day were to get to a point where were at how software that can replace your editor entirely no not the story before like line editing and proofreading but these programs are still not exactly there yet but they’re really getting close gets very awesome on Graham really is a monthly charge for the Pro version to write to you this so Scott does know if you can even proofread your social media posts who had been a professional online as well all the new one going around correcting everyone’s mistakes on Facebook will refund you like to set out on a jerk self that one is good can be regarded as a free version so you can test it out and might have a 30 day trial on the Pro version on the TeleCheck and see that something that that you might want to use another one that I’ve been using and I actually purchased this one fully because they had a blast was last November doing a charity drive were there donating all the proceeds of in are doing lifetime I keys for the program you just don’t outright forever and any updates again long was updated for in this was called Pro writing it now that deals not available right now so but it’s another when you can check out and it has a plug-in for Word so that you can go through check and I really enjoy it because of what you can check for you to check for when you’re repeating works you can check to see if your writing passes you can check to see specifics getting down to the nitty-gritty specifics and you can have everything run it once and instead take like an hour to go throw your work in, but on the things you need to change but but if you’re just doing like just looking for very specific things it’s very useful for that allergist like laser focus yes he did so use the term continue what you’re looking for yeah exactly know it will do an entire printout of you have hundred and 68 passive voice changes you have this many errors on this type so it does that and then you can go through each one of those now this is important part of the D’s software’s don’t replace the human editor yourself or if you’re hiring Sonos to do it because the machine is programmed to look for certain things but it can miss things based on the information they were plugging into it so let’s get analysts talk about how are going to do this without without a cool little piece of software and in and what this will be like so first things under the freeway you cannot be both of these firms are gonna cost you money and it’s going to be up to you whether I would deftly say test driving first to see if it’s something that you can use because I don’t want to ever see you get into something the site use useless I don’t own Graham really so I can’t say hey deftly go get that one I do own the Pro writing eight and I think it’s pretty decent nothing is going to replace hiring an editor or your own fantastic editing skills also the first thing we got to do with proofreading is we got to get in the habit of being able to slow down and read it out loud I totally understand know if you’re doing a paper you gotta get it in my conjuring in academic settings if you just done 100,000 words and on your novel can feel really overwhelming to get back in her read every single one of them it’s necessary you gotta do it that is on me I do this after this even just working on one page of of something I needed submit enough proofread it on the to go in and then read in a public setting in the moment I have in my hands on a readout I noticed that I missed an era even though proofread and something gotta be said for looking at in a different format down you know it might be a lot of paper for an elbow I printed out really works because everything out reading out loud another good idea with reading out loud as if you can read it to someone else now and so that they can sometimes catch things that don’t make sense now maybe you don’t have someone you know available to do that so if you train or bus if you take it is rated 2000 just a lot to the long call in the business is going to sleep on an airplane ride or something like that is like a big headphones off your listeners so but it really is you gotta start that’s the exact place to start and take the time like you don’t want to be just breezing through this and reading it really quick because this is a piece of work that’s gonna last a lifetime and it needs to the proper attention that that kind of product deserves so let’s talk about what we want to look for desire you got some really great tips on this yet I think of them also points out not that we don’t know this book so should I say remind owes the spellcheckers and especially the inherent hormones and programs like word and other programs like that can really miss a lot of stuff on is not because the the is not in the database the rest because it’s is correctable incorrect spin so things like homonyms so say you got the different spellings of the old were a minor pick up on stuff like that because it still spelled correctly and if the it’s not completely throwing out the like construction of the sentence of a minor final and in us things like a really really common on you can miss thyself and even even as a committee because mistakes do make it prints and I think is Wes and that’s why we need to proofread writers as well but before he goes off to the then you go about the July a defense to babies mistakes make it prints so homonyms is the first first thing I look for gas so you know that you’re putting together a list of stuff to look for here and disappear saying that that these firms don’t specially work but some of them will in all like I know Graham really will say did you mean this word you might’ve meant this one because it does a better job of putting that together for testing that out which is pretty cool but but yeah I mean it is getting his many eyeballs on your work as possible is so important and I’m not talking about you this is let’s talk about the periphery part you’re done with the editing portion like and you put the story together and now you want to proofread anyone have a couple people proofread it or maybe the more not to point out you need to change us in your story can pass up but hey you got this little error here in this little error because those small errors of the ones that are going to really pop out to somebody who’s has never read it before and is not familiar with the work like all of this got sucks yeah I think also which mentioning know it’s it’s not everyone’s been mental strength proofreading and I’m quite fortunate to be able to run DVD drive for misplaced, you can even outsource this kind of work especially if it’s a shorter piece and you can also this fairly cheaply unlike freelancing websites and if you really want that extra suppository went quite confident that you were going to pick up on some of these errors before paying a premium to an editor and because these things like active and passive urban sentence construction can take a while to kind of to really kind of nail down and get around, it denotes is so understand how rest of working and thinking of yet don’t be afraid to reach out to people around you and or if you have to find a way to also said cheaply yeah exactly and you know this is kind of digressing and getting over into hiring an editor but the is the editor charges by the hour being able to get in and do more of this initial proofreading and initial line editing yourself is going to save you money now let’s get it cut down on the time because there are errors Peter known when you spend that into someone and I’ve gotten these myself to work on and you’re like wow I was the author would have spent a little bit more time on this because now it’s not even at a point that I can edit it really wants to take me so much longer to edit this because of all the other additional mistakes are in the work this is child in which is the charge by the hour and the more mistakes the more than most of the cost of exactly you know and you is you want to know it’s much easier to hire someone by the word is anytime you know what’s going to happen at the end of itself but it’s a good way to jump in and start looking for these things another one on the just so that was a names and no people cards names peoples names because it won’t fly those old issues if you milk misspells and can live them in any kind of proper name and spell checks always depth really is what is worth looking those over and especially for the finest UI is Allah made up names is really struggle with them so you know check all of your own spellings of words mail and quite often you become useful to go through you know they also saw feature what kind of like find and replace all something and also you just been through the Quicken things that’s really dangerous because you can just you can you might want to intentionally misspell something to think it’s worth saying we want to be doing this on a line by line basis as opposed to just skipping through like automatically pops right now he accidentally hitting replace all and ending orders grabbing stuff in the middle of words that you might use a particular say a contraction in dialogue and that you would use in like that the rest of the pros on the description you might have an account to speak in a certain way and you might want to throne’ and the contractor word you don’t find replace all of that word in any changes in the rest of the book exactly so anything that you’re you’re making up or putting down these are things you can just get a pad of paper and start writing down the stuff that you need to look for every step of the way while going through this another shoot I just train just left the station ran just that I had to follow up with and now it’s gone so you have another word also makes to have and link subject verb agreement so solve you in this again is on particularly like the grammar all integration sentence structure level you’re so things like I’m copying and has been on always interchangeable and you might be same one when you actually mean the other them and the like is and so you know is not an often honest enough and again might not necessarily be interchangeable and that’s really why when going proofreading in this way reading aloud really helps because I said something like is an you know and say them his earnings is not enough for his earnings and I know and probably quite prevalent for Roy is all that Freudian and it might look fine on the page them in my really like it would make sense and then when you read out some use this kind of say
move the doesn’t feel right that clunky so employing these techniques can be really useful and especially if you’ve made changes where you’ve taken maybe there were two characters speaking and then it’s dropped to one character in the scene or something like that were now you do need to change the word the verbiage after it to recognize plural or singular these types of things can happen were going through there or we we go through and we added a sentence we don’t change the rest of it but we needed to and so greedy now larger in Texas. Reading aloud in reverse to the bike on us and read it I you do but stated no instead of starting at the beginning of the chapter you started the end of the chapter and read a sentence by sentence in reverse this will really throw your mind out of why it’s really going to help it to to spot things differently because the story has gone in reverse you’re going to see a different flow is going to be different you’re going to go by sentence by sentence you hear things to see things very differently yeah it really so it isolates the sentences in a way especially when you proofreading you can the room through you like skip along the fence and see quite easily without realizing you doing absolutely because you’ve been through this material so many times in some of this so intellectually you gotta really have the ability to about the ability but the dedication and to get in there do this motivation dedication another idea with it is it let’s say you’re your writing and your friends you have a friend who writes audiobooks why not proofread it out loud while you’re recording it and illness are to be the final audiobook version but something you could share out there and it would make you slow down so that saying the words correctly is going to find it easier not to way to the slow yourself down can I kill robots to do it you know there are there are also readers and get in there and and have something else read it back to you and that’s on its own that monotone both voice it’s going to make you pick up things differently than what sound but before you so did you have another any other words no one is no justice punctuation but that’s it so broad you know it it’s worth saying that these are the things on again this is why I’m with safety can you know how to try to use one of these more powerful programs a man of growly claims to be the most powerful spellchecker in the well and from like caulking I write them you graduation something this bullshit can really easily miss you like a full with. In the wrong place on’ or, and it is really hard to kind of advise on the best way to approach the pop from you notice going through in this sentence by sentence way right and I think his writers and we do this I can especially if we get a chance to work with with a good editor and you will get that marked up read page back and you start to see the errors you repeat on a regular basis and this is a great time that you can write down those errors in the brush up on your grammar skills you don’t get in there learned the rules a little bit stronger so that you can do more of your own self editing on during this proofreading process just as an example so a couple years ago on a was trying to become better at grammar and I was I’d finally gotten down in our past and past PA ST PAS SED I was like oh this is so easy casino past PA ST that’s that’s dealing with time PAS SED is dealing with with direction now or place and says like this is that’s no problem at all unless unless you put like walked past and we switch back to PA ST so you need to learn the rules that you’re having struggles with because sometimes you think you understand the role entirely but maybe there’s a secondary role as English is such a built upon language on so many other different languages that I can be quite difficult to make sure that you understand every single year, I nearly forgot really awesome book that I haven’t referred to quite regularly and is pretty sure is great just like reference material is elements of style and the elements of style by William Strunk on dust just invaluable and it’s really crazy to pretty cheap as well you know it’s worth picking up on some site to me now got a copy but it is like 5 pound head them on us to solve units like sense and structure you how to correctly use parentheses in common is you know how our paragraph should be properly divided and constructed all our souls all those little technical things and a code in the book and I just found us so useful so listen to my and when you doing this that and that is a great one house like eats shoots and leaves this is this kind of fun I grammar book to help you put to understand some of the rules better because I think as a writer you can easily get lazy with the idea as you like a good editor now now I don’t worry about any of this but is something I want to circle back to appear as a much earlier and on the professionalism of being the writer being the professional and taking pride in your work and trying to to learn all of these and you learn all the and wants this is going to take a lifetime you know you’re going you have one thing that you get down and then the next time you do another book you got a new little problem you know that you work on and it’s gonna take time to going to become better every single time you do this… That’s a great note this is a process that it absolutely is so and there are great reference materials out there on if you got a question about a specific one you know and I start adding more content on grammar rules but until that we have it entire breadth of work put in to the book editor showed up, I would deftly suggest grammar girl really good you know it’s a just put in your search bar you know this word versus this word and it can help you understand how to use it in the proper way that is a great sigh of these are quite a few times now it is really good site so and I know it will never compete with it but do want to start offering a little bit more that here as well so some different content. Everything else that you want to wrap up with on proofreading know just the you take time and it’s enjoyable you not going to tell you about the think of your what you saw landed on his is is really worth so reinforcing the this isn’t something that you can kind of know all at once so you know using the services using these books on building on one thing at a time like I struggled for a long time with them, like honorifics so you know when solve writing about sale I riles royalty like military structures are things learned in the grandma around the was something that I tripped up on quite a when the Queen came to visit she probably could help you that pretty easy well yeah yes yeah it wasn’t me not to know some of how to correctly write her placement God is not really embarrassing Granger and he didn’t have that right so you and again just again this read it out loud do it go slow with this is a great process started doing these and are watching live the it won’t be up just yet but if you’re listening to this or watching it after 21 April this will be up and available so wants to giveaways some bribes to join our email list and this is the first one this is a great book on writing breakout novel workbook by Donald Moss and a SS and dolls fantastic this is one of the best workbooks I’ve seen to go through your novel and make it better and it requires that you have your manuscript done so that you can get into the editing process and so it will be doing this as a giveaway this next week on the show but you gotta get signed up to the email list so that we can know you are you can add them get it nice I know I know that this should be one of add so US Canada UK for sure not exactly sure on where we can send it so if you’re unable to receive the mail we might have to do something different to give you an e-book version of or something like that but we will get your copy yet so I’m house required them to eat as of the number he consented to the Dalai Lama books you might around with you down the numbers on it right or maybe by the office come by here over just in the neighborhood, like the company I do because Mackenzie’s not working here anymore considering friendship is over so you only got time to giveaways and it is to talk to people and hope you enjoy the show if you do like it please leave his review on iTunes plus on Google or like on YouTube and if you’re an editor like to be a guest on the shore author would like us to edit part of the work live on air so I look@hershow.com and drop us an email generally goes to truly keep writing keep learning and build a better sleep on the additional information on this out