Clark Chamberlain co-host of the book editor show
Clark Chamberlain

Clark Chamberlain is a true son of the west. Born in northern Idaho during the nation’s bicentennial, Clark has always been a man on the move. He’s lived in ten states and two countries on two continents. He’s been homeless, built houses, gone to war, and tore his lunch cooler from the mouth of a bear.

Clark spent over ten years working in print and broadcast journalism as a journalist, copy-editor, radio DJ, film producer and director, film critic, and for five years with ABC as a director of news.

He is the managing editor of Raven International Publishing and loves working with authors throughout the writing and editing process.

Clark is the author of four books (including the middle-grade series Hank Hudson), illustrator of three, and is a professional educator on story.

He is currently living in Idaho Falls with two sons, two dogs, and one mean cat. And yes, he does talk with his dog.

Peter Turley Co-host of the book editor show
Peter Turley

Peter is a fantasy fiction author and blogger living in the North West of England where he grew up.

He earned a living throughout his slightly-more-adult years working in both education and health and social care, but writing remains his true passion.

His deep and not-at-all-weird love for fantasy novels began as a child when he would scour the local libraries for the Fighting Fantasy novels, in which the reader could make choices to affect the outcome of the story. Whilst reading them, he would skip ahead to find out what would happen before settling on a choice. Then, as he grew older, he decided to start writing stories himself so he would always get to choose what happened to the hero.

He wrote his first short story to entertain a close friend, and fellow fantasy lover, who was serving in Iraq. It was because of his friend’s immense encouragement and support of his writing that he set out to create longer works of fiction.

He is nearing completion of his debut novel, which will be the first book from The Emerald Sky Saga(TBA).

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Caroline Olson manager of the book editor show
Caroline Olson

Caroline (pronounced Caro—) manages the Book Editor Show.

She recently graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College (Go Gusties!) with a degree in Athletic Training. Her passion for writing became more apparent as he college career was coming to a close.

Currently, she has been focusing on making writing a full time gig. In her free time, Caroline enjoys skiing and snowboarding, is an avid soccer player and volunteer goalkeeper coach. She currently resided in Idaho Falls.

Mackenzie Hendricks editor for the book editor show
Mackenzie Hendricks

Mackenzie Hendricks graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a Bachelor in English. She currently works as a freelance writer and editor.

She enjoys reading all types of genres, but her favorites are fantasy and historical fiction. In addition to writing nonfiction and scholarly articles, she also dabbles in creative writing in her spare time.

Leslie Watts editor, author, blogger, and co-host of the writership podcast
Leslie Watts

Leslie Watts is an editor, author, blogger, and podcaster. She’s been writing for as long as she can remember: a magazine about cats in sixth grade, staff writer for her college newspaper, editor-in-chief of her law journal, and journaling while writing for an appellate judge. When the dust settled after her children were born, she launched with her writer pal. She lives in Austin, Texas with two rambunctious kids and her patient husband.