Developmental Editing

Welcome back to the Book Editor Show. I know it’s been too long, but I promise to bring you a new episode each week!

We all know that outlining is the best route for an author in today’s cluttered marketplace. Outlines bring focus to the work and make each writing session that much easier. But have you ever finished your manuscript and then found plot holes, unexplained character motivation, or errors in the story logic?

It happens to all of us…as authors we’re too close to the work. The brilliant story is there, but often it’s hidden between the lines…

What if you could make sure your outline delivered the best results each time? It would save you weeks of rewrites while delivering your vision to your target reader.

Clark Chamberlain’s Ironclad Outlines deliver all that plus a whole lot more.

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You’ll send Clark your outline and background materials (up to 20k words). He will spend the next few days reviewing them point by point to help you make your story work before you even write the first page.

After reviewing the materials Clark will send you his notes. When you’ve had a chance to go through them, you’ll have an hour long one-on-one story coaching call with Clark. This call will let you ask questions, work through story problems, brainstorm additional elements, and give you the right tools to make your story the best it can be for the reader you want.

If you’ve never taken a class from Clark or heard him speak at a writer’s conference then you might not know about his passion for story. There are a lot of editors who turn and burn author’s work as fast as possible, but Clark is committed to your story. After you’ve received his notes and had your one-on-one call, he’s still available for email story checkups.

Sean Platt calls Clark a Story Engineer because of his ability to create strong fictional structures that perfectly pairs the author’s vision with the target reader. Clark has the ability to listen to your story and find the connections that you wrote in subconsciously.

This is the single easiest investment to make, and the returns are priceless. If you already write multiple books per year, or you plan to this is your deal.


Just take a look at what Clark’s clients are saying:

Normally the Ironclad Outline is $450 dollars, but right now you can secure your Ironclad Outline for only $250! Plus if you buy 4, you’ll get 1 FREE!

If you’re serious about your professional writing then make the right investment in your story by adding the “Best Damn Developmental Editor” to your team.

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